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concrete5 Professional

We are an expert of concrete5

XROSS CUBE, Inc. is certificated by PortlandLabs for Official Pro Account. And our CEO, Tao Sasaki was CTO of concrete5 Japan, Inc. He still one of founders of concrete5 Japan, Inc. We provide high quality service as developing web site and customize concrete5.

What is concrete5?

concrete5 is an Open Source CMS for genrarl web site. concrete5 provide directry/intuitive UI/UX for web site operators.

concrete5 has a lot of function, for e-Commerce, multi language site, and more.

Features of concrete5

Intuitive an usefull admin panel

  • The structure of web site can be changed by dragging and dropping from the site map, and other easy-to-use measures are applied in various areas.

Content block

  • A content can be created and managed in units called "blocks", allowing for the creation of free content. There's also a layout function that allows you to place your content anywhere you want.

Easy transform static HTML to concrete5 theme

  • You can create a design theme in a short time without knowledge like WordPress short code. Of course, it's also easy to support mobile devices.

Advanced permission setting capabilities

  • You can set detailed permissions for each page, content, and area.
    For example, if you have a operator who only updates the news page, you can give their permission to add pages only at the bottom of the "What's New" page.

A lot of Add-ons

  • You can easily add a variety of features by adding add-ons. Many of them are available for free, and they are still growing.